Stories & Stockades Among Highlights For Goblins of Elderstone’s New A Goblin’s Story Content Drop


Developer video details the exciting new additions A Goblin’s Story brings to tribal city-builder

Outerdawn today announced that Goblins Of Elderstone‘s latest A Goblin’s Story update is now live, bringing big improvements to the game’s story moments, adding new features for stockades, as well as balancing tweaks, UI improvements and even some festive Christmas lighting! A developer diary from Outerdawn walks players through all these changes and their implications.

From UI to functionality, Goblins of Elderstone‘s Story Moments feature has had a refresh to deliver a more impactful, immersive and responsive experience to the player. Choices that players make at the outset of a campaign and during play can impact on what Story Moments they will get, making them more personalised. 

The story revamp is supported by new UI, writing, art and music to spruce up your experience and add variety to the tale you’ll be living as leader of a goblin tribe.

Stockades have been reworked, and can now have work priorities set so that Enforcers can be more focused on single tasks if required. Other changes include new audio for hero hiring and rehiring and the addition of a god punishments UI feature displayed at the bottom of the screen if you have any punishments active. 

Finally, A Goblin’s Story will add a festive touch to the game, with your goblin tribe hanging lights in your goblin village to celebrate the holiday season. Outerdawn would like to follow the example set by our revelrous goblins by wishing you a happy holiday and are pleased to offer up a little Christmas gift in the form of a 50% discount on the game in Steam Winter Sale, starting December 22nd.  

Goblins of Elderstone is currently available in Early Access on Steam for 19.99 USD / £15.49 / €16.79 with a final launch expected early next year and will be available for 50% in the Steam Winter Sale starting on December 22nd. 
About Goblins of Elderstone
Goblins of Elderstone is a unique take on the city-building genre with a goblin-fuelled survival approach where nurturing tribal dynamics is key. Your emphasis is not only on buildings and commerce in your town, but on crafting the culture of its inhabitants and making sure they are happy. Treat your goblins well and they will (mostly) listen to you. Fail to meet their needs and expect them to riot, steal and kill each other. In addition to gathering resources and crafting structures, you must engage a layer of diplomacy as you navigate relationships with neighboring tribes, intrepid explorers, bandits, heroes and even gods. Your wits and skill at bartering/bribery negotiations, as well as the occasional pillaging, will help you transform Elderstone from a small village into an empire to be reckoned with.
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