Get Crazy Together With Friends In New Co-Op Mode For Up To 4 Players

According to experts (read: us over here at Raw Fury and the developer team at Art in Heart) here are some things that come better in twos:

  • Consecutive days off work
  • Times you hit the snooze alarm
  • Fuzzy socks to keep your tootsies warm
  • …and for the top answer, let’s head to the board… videogames!!

Who are we to argue with the experts? GONNER2 is now available worldwide on PC for Steam and GoG, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows 10, and Xbox Game Pass. As the sequel to the IGF-winning GoNNER, we made sure to include all the color and chaos of the original, but RAMPED EVERYTHING UP TO ELEVEN! 🤘

What does “eleven” even mean (outside of the one that comes after ten but before twelve)? Let’s get into the meat-but-especially-the-potatoes of it:

  • More players! Play local co-op with buds and even use them for more ammo (What’s a little head-stomp among-friends when it means more bullets?)
  • More heads! We have a floating head, ghost head, a block head and more. 
  • More color! It shapes the environment and is a light in the chaos of the dark. 

To top everything off, you can grab one of three wild bundles!

  • GONNER2 base edition, a great purchase for a great game. Get it and get up on it solo or together with friends in the couch co-op, everyone’s heartily welcome!
  • The Full Ikk Edition, which puts the full enchilada on the plate! Players get both the GONNER2 base game and the GONNER2 Original Soundtrack in one pack. Awesome.
  • Lose Your Head Deluxe Bundle is a juicy package that offers a powerful combination, almost guaranteed to make players’ heads pop! With this, secure both the GONNER2 and GoNNER base games, plus, the GONNER2 and GoNNER Original Soundtracks. Sweet!

Each time you play, the levels change drastically, loaded with extreme-challenges and grand bosses to face off against, along with mind-dazzling secrets to discover. Oh, and of course a bunch of heads, guns, and upgrades that you can combine for some bizarro, fast-paced action!

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