GT : Dubium – Official Early Access Launch Date Announcement Trailer


Dubium will be available in Steam Early Access on June 14, 2023. Watch the animated trailer for the survival deception game. The Early Access release of Dubium will include a new playable character, new character cosmetics, an enhanced Battle Pass, a lobby chatting system, and updates based on player feedback.

Dubium is a five-player asymmetrical co-op game set in a near-future sci-fi universe. Five space-faring Frontiers must board a derelict space station and complete missions for their mercenary employer, Shadd Enterprise. The trick is, one of the Frontiers is working for Shadd’s biggest challenger, Blamane. Survive the Traitor while repairing vital systems then make your escape— either by working as a team or looking out for yourself. Defeating the Traitor just forces Blamane to compromise a different teammate, so trust no on.

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