GT : Manic Mechanics – Official Announcement Trailer


Journey to Octane Isle and see the chaos unfold in this announcement trailer for Manic Mechanics, an upcoming couch co-op party game coming to Nintendo Switch on July 13, 2023.

In Manic Mechanics, up to four players pull on their overalls and head to the gear-obsessed Octane Isle, looking to make a name for themselves as traveling mechanics. Players challenge the Master Mechanics who rule the island to prove their crew is worthy of joining the mechanics guild.

The aim of the game is to fix as many cars (or trucks, choppers, tractors, mini-subs, UFOs…) as possible before time runs out. This may sound easy, but the faster the mechanics work, the more chaos is unleashed. Intricate mechanical processes are hindered by fuel spills, exploding tires, short-circuiting robots, stampeding cows and even alien abductions, with hilariously chaotic consequences.


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