Gummy Dummy Battles Now Available on Steam


Gummy Dummy Battles Now Available on Steam

I wonder if you’ve heard about Gummy Dummy Battles, a crazy battle simulator released last month on Steam and available for $9.99 USD.

map and the settings before deploying your units and those of your enemy; and Missions, in which tackle a series of pre-set missions to complete them all at maximum difficulty.  When the battle gets very violent, enjoy in slow motion the hilarious and one-of-a-kind scenes the physics engine and ragdolls create. You can actually take a shot and share it with the community.
Although the fighting units in Gummy Dummy Battles are quite unconventional, each has its own strategic role. Once the fight begins, you can stand and watch as a spectator, or take the field and fight in the first or third person.
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  • Sandbox
  • Lots of Missions to complete at maximum difficulty
  • Various game modes, including Rush, Conquest, Payload, Destruction, Gummy football, To the last gum, and Paintball.
  • Dozens and dozens and dozens of unconventional units
  • You can take control of any unit in first or third person
  • Use slow motion to enjoy the total madness developing before your eyes!
  • Fight on the ground and in the air, or build impenetrable defenses
  • There is no limit to the number of units you can deploy, so it just depends on the power of your computer!
  • Have fun creating the most hilarious meme in gaming history!
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