Gun Interactive Shares Grisly New Trailer for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre at ID@Xbox


At today’s ID@Xbox Showcase, Gun Interactive—the multimedia development firm behind the upcoming The Texas Chain Saw Massacre—revealed a brand-new trailer for the upcoming asymmetrical horror game. Including the likes of the infamous Leatherface from the original 1974 film, the trailer paints a vivid, bloody picture of the dangers and mayhem that await players once the game launches in full on August 18th. Set to release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will be available on launch day for $39.99 USD, in addition to being available on Xbox Game Pass. Watch the gory new trailer below!

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre takes place in the months leading up to the events of the original 1974 film, and features authentic recreations of the locations, characters, and imagery of the source material. Players control either the Victims or members of the Slaughter Family in a vicious game of 3v4 cat-and-mouse that takes the tension and suspense of the film and repurposes it into thrilling, competitive action. The Victims and the Slaughter Family must both utilize their unique abilities to come out on top, as the former use stealth and smarts to escape their fearsome tormentors, while each member of the Slaughter Family wields brutal and murderous attacks to hunt their prey.The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will launch on August 18th, 2023 for PC, PlayStation® 5 (PS5™) & PlayStation® 4 (PS4™), Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, and will launch into Game Pass on Xbox and PC. For more information, visit The Community Hub at the official The Texas Chain Saw MassacreWebsite, and join the conversation at the Gun Interactive Discord.
About Gun Interactive
Based in Kentucky, Gun Interactive is a publisher and creative studio for interactive entertainment composed of industry veterans with unique and complementary backgrounds. The team shares a passion for horror and a vision that game development is not just the creation of a product, but the blending of art, design, and technology to produce experiences that engage and entertain players from all over the world. The mission of Gun is to create authentic interactive horror experiences and engage gamers and fans of the genre across a wide range of platforms.

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