#StayHomeHaveFun Encourages Heart-warming Gestures on Kwai App


How do you have fun along with your family members while you are locked inside your home? Many families are asking this question ever since India has been on a lockdown to avoid the spread of Coronavirus pandemic. Some have found a ready answer in taking part in the #StayHomeHaveFun challenge by creating and posting fun videos on Kwai, a popular short video sharing app.


Many of the thousands of videos posted on Kwai app are truly entertaining. Users who post these videos claim they are showing families, who are bored at home, how to have fun without stepping foot outside.

The #StayHomeHaveFun challenge has so far received participation from over 20,000 Kwai users. “The whole point of #StayHomeHaveFun is to find simple and interesting ways to have hours of fun and kill time at home,” says Vijay Kumar, resident of Agra and an avid Kwai user.

Kwai user Nitesh Raj posted a delightful video with a child trotting her dancing moves on the popular GoCorona song. Another video posted by a local police officer focused on generating awareness about the lockdown and was seen over two lakh times. Family support videos were also quite popular; many users posted heart-warming videos showing how they are engaging and supporting their family members. Lavi, who goes by profile handle Lavi2929 posted a video showing how he was supporting the old granny with household work.

It is indeed heart-warming to see that united in spirit, Indian users are contributing their bit by encouraging everyone to follow lockdown rules and making the most of their family time while staying at home,” a spokesperson for Kwai app said.

Rama Ahlawat, college student and a resident of Sonipat said, “In our daily routine, we hardly get to spend enough quality time with our family members. This lockdown is a perfect opportunity for people like me to express my gratitude and affection to my family, which makes participating in such challenges on Kwai all the more rewarding.”

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