Humankind Shares OpenDev Results, Gives a First Look at Religion System


Humankind Shares OpenDev Results, Gives a First Look at Religion System

Recently, we debuted OpenDev, a new program allowing players to access the game in an early state and give us their thoughts. We asked the community to play 3 targeted Humankind gameplay scenarios and give their feedback on specific subjects: exploration, battles, and city management. The results were awesome – over 80% of those who participated took the time to give us detailed feedback!

We’re going to be posting details on our community channels of how we’re adapting the game in the coming week. We’ve also created an infographic with some OpenDev fun facts and a special thank you video with highlights from creators.

For those players who might have missed out on OpenDev, fear not, there will be other opportunities very soon!


During the Gamescom live shows, we also debuted our latest Feature Focus video, which dives into the religion system in Humankind.

In each game, you’ll be able to create and determine your society’s religion. Volatile at first, religions will evolve over the course of the game, typically consolidating into large blocks. Civics and event choices along the way will determine how religion fits into your society, including religious rights and the treatment of non-believers and religious minorities.

Religion in Humankind can be a source of cooperation – or a source of conflict. How you use it is up to you! For more info check out the full feature focus video online here, or download the high-res version we’ve included with the assets.


Finally, we were honored to win the Gamescom award for Best Strategy Game, as well as being one of three games nominated for best PC game!

We’ve been making games alongside the community for nearly 10 years now, and Humankind is the game of our dreams. We didn’t think it was possible, but we’re more motivated than ever!  

Thanks again to everyone who has been keeping up with Humankind, via OpenDev or otherwise, and we can’t wait to take the next steps together.

                     –The Amplitude team

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