Indie Metroidvania Lore Finder Smashes Kickstarter Goals

Indie Metroidvania Lore Finder Smashes Kickstarter Goals
Indie Metroidvania Lore Finder Smashes Kickstarter Goals

Indie Metroidvania Lore Finder Smashes Kickstarter Goals

Indie game developer Kitsune Games is pleased to announce that their upcoming cosmic horror game Lore Finder has reached nearly double its fundraising goals after just 30 days on Kickstarter. Thanks to this success, Kitsune Games reached two of their stretch goals, guaranteeing simultaneous release on Windows, Mac and Linux, and the ability to play as an entirely different character with unique abilities and an all-new story.
Lore Finder can be added to your Steam wishlist now at: Lore Finder Steam Page

Check out the Lore Finder trailer at: 

About Lore FinderLore Finder is a 2D metroidvania and a modern queer reimagining of the cosmic horror genre. Play as K.C. Morgan, a non-binary paranormal investigator, and search through a terrifying New England mansion for your missing father. Battle the forces of corruption infesting the mansion armed only with your wits and an old .38 revolver, and gather scrolls of forbidden lore. But beware-the more you discover the more warped and twisted the world-and you-becomes. 
A free demo of Lore Finder is available now for the PC: Lore Finder Demo (Chrome/Firefox/Safari web, PC Windows)

Some of Lore Finder‘s features include:A changing world – Individual rooms transform as the player accumulates powers, offering new surprises at every turn.Find your own path – Lore Finder‘s non-linear design encourages exploration-based, self-directed progression. Take the scenic route, or speed run to the end-the choice is yours.Immersive atmosphere – A beautiful 2D art style immerses players in the game with each gloomy cavern and creepy room they encounter.Accumulate forbidden powers – Fight fire with fire, gain dark powers and use them against your enemies.A dark mystery – Fight the mansion’s formerly human inhabitants, uncover what happened to them, and find your father-all in a day’s work for a paranormal investigator.For more information about Lore Finder, visit:
About Kitsune GamesKitsune Games is an inclusive indie video game development microstudio founded by Emma ‘Eniko’ Maassen. Through its mission, “traditional games made accessible and diverse”, the studio strives to make the world a better place by offering quality, accessible entertainment with representation of people from all walks of life.

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