upjers Launches Early Access for Infinite Dronin


Action-packed roguelike with innovative Twitch integration available on Steam today

Publisher upjers and developer NeoBird are releasing Infinite Dronin as an early access version today on Steam. The roguelike fighting game whisks players away to a dystopian future, in which they will face off against a steady stream of enemy waves in the battle arena. Thanks to Twitch integration, audiences can follow the action-packed bouts and get engaged themselves.

Enter the futuristic battle area as a sword-swinging samurai or ranged ninja and prove yourself against increasingly difficult goes. Always at your side: trusty drones that aid you in combat.

Your companions keep their strengths and skills with each round and level up. Players can continuously specialize and adapt the drones to their needs and preferences. Over 30 skills are available to combatants and drones, making each run through the procedurally generated levels a unique and thrilling experience.

Twitch integration lends this fast-paced game another level of depth. If desired, audiences can jump into the fray and support players – or their opponents – in the arena. Each viewer can supply drones for the battle, regardless of whether they own Infinite Dronin or not. Voting offers other interactive opportunities such as special buffs or selected skins.

Infinite Dronin, the new roguelike hack-and-slay is now available as an early access title on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1206790/Infinite_Dronin/

About upjers:
upjers (en.upjers.com) proves that the dream of turning a hobby into a successful start-up isn’t just a fairy tale. The company has become one of the leading developers of browser games and apps in Germany and employs over 100 people at the Bamberg headquarters. 125 million players worldwide have registered for an upjers game or downloaded one of the mobile apps from the stores. upjers games are also available on Steam and Amazon. The broad range of titles encompasses everything from tycoons over business simulations to strategy games.



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