Intel 10000 series Comet Lake release date, price and specs

Intel 10000 series Comet Lake release date, price and specs

Intel 10000 series Comet Lake release date, price and specs

Intel has carried everything to the next level with its 10th-generation Comet Lake processors.

First of all, the 10th-generation Comet Lake chips, announced in August 2019, have been made alongside Intel’s Ice Lake chips for laptops. Both were also released around the identical time, together making up Intel’s 10th-generation Core lineup. The major disparity between these two is the building process, with Ice Lake being the first 10nm processor’s Intel has placed out in the mainstream and part of Project Athena, and Comet Lake is yet another iteration of the 14nm Skylake architecture.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Besides mobile processors, we’ve also observed reports about Intel’s Comet Lake-S for Pcs. If the most recent reports are correct, this next-generation desktop series will include a 10-core flagship capable of 5.1GHz boost as well as a 6-core, 12-thread chip with a 4.5GHz boost clock speed.

Intel Comet Lake release date

Intel launched out its 10th-generation Comet Lake processors for laptops back in August 2019, with the original laptops filtering out over the coming months.

We still don’t know when we’ll see Comet Lake-S desktop chips, though their prices have already been leaked. They were earlier rumoured to hit the stores in the Q1 of 2020, but even at CES 2020, Intel did not remark them.

However, there’s still a big possibility we’ll see them before the year is over. We have noticed some leaked product roadmaps that hint that Intel Comet Lake-S chips will come out in 2020. If the Intel Core i9-9900KS announcement date of October 2019 was any indication, we might not observe Intel releasing its newest flagship mainstream Pc chips before Q4. A dripped slide details Comet Lake-S desktop processors being delayed.

Still, we’re assuming that some of the other Comet Lake-S chips will trickle out before then. We earlier got a sight of the Intel Core i3-10300, a hyperthreaded entry-level chip from the lineup, and the Intel Core i9-10900 and Core i5-10500 processors have lately been found in the 3DMark database as well.

We might not see Intel launching its newest flagship mainstream desktop processors before Q4.

Intel Comet Lake price

Now that the Comet Lake processors for laptops are out, the price label for every chip is certainly available. With laptop pricing, though, it’s necessary to keep in mind that these aren’t values that consumers will ever see. Instead, it’s a recommended price that Intel gives to its resellers, which can charge higher or below this price to laptop manufacturers. These prices will usually be worked into the overall price of the laptop, but these numbers can still give a fair idea of which segment of the laptop market each chip falls into.

As far as Intel Comet Lake-S pricing, we don’t have official information on that yet.

We can do a little thought based on earlier versions of desktop processors. Coffee Lake Refresh noticed the rates go up a slight from Coffee Lake, but the variations were pretty negligible – just $20 (£30, AU$135) from the Intel Core i7-8700K to the i7-9700K. Below, we moved ahead and listed the pricing of Coffee Lake latest desktop offerings, but we could see rates go up or down (probably up) when Comet Lake is released.

Intel Comet Lake specs

Comet Lake is yet another repetition of Intel’s 14nm manufacturing process. This suggests that there isn’t much advancement in the way of energy efficiency, and thermals will presumably start to ramp up. We haven’t got an opportunity to test each of these processors yet, but we assume the difference over 8th-generation Whiskey Lake chips to be moderately minor – aside from the Intel Core i7-10710U, of course, which claims is a 6-core (12-thread) processor with a hike of up to 4.7GHz.

These may look very comparable to Whiskey Lake, but with some higher clock speeds. The most significant differences here, though, are the inclusion of Wi-Fi 6 compatibility and Thunderbolt 3 on the die.

As far as desktop processors go, we’re far out from Intel Comet Lake-S seeing the light of day, we don’t know what it’ll be capable of. But, don’t worry, we have plenty of rumours to fuel some speculation.

One of the most popular threads among Comet Lake-S leaks is the evidence that we’re going to see up to 10-core 20-thread desktop chips. We’re going to go forward and hope that if this is true, this 10-core 20-thread chip will be the match up to the Intel Core i9-9900K, with a 10-core single-threaded chip taking over the Core i7-9700K’s slot.

lately, some dripped slides from Intel appeared on Informatica Cero giving a broad lineup of desktop processors.

Beyond that, we’ll just have to anticipate and see what 10th-generation desktop processors are going to look like. The recently-leaked specs of the Intel Core i5-10600 are already giving us anticipation of how these might relate to AMD Ryzen 3000, which confirms that Intel will have to offer some aggressive prices for its Comet Lake-S chips to keep up with AMD.

The good news is, Intel is already looking to bring out the big guns, which necessary with AMD pushing high-core count and high-performance chips.

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