Join the frantic Rubber Royale Holiday experience


Constant action and a hilarious brawl awaits

Flashbulb Games brings Christmas joy to Rubber Royale with the amazing new Christmas Prologue. Rubber Royale has returned dressed as Santa Claus, ready to make your holidays more chaotic and fun. 

Rubber Royale Holiday Prologue is here – the only Christmas game that rewards you for being naughty instead of nice. The game is free and will give you a small taste of the hilariously violent and chaotic gameplay Rubber Royale is all about before it’s fully released next year.

“We want to spread some holiday cheer by allowing players to enjoy our Rubber Royale festive Holiday Prologue. It offers chaotic and combat-focused gameplay wrapped up nicely in Christmas decor — and it’s free, serving as both a Christmas present and a sneak peek of the game we are working on.” stated Mikkel Thorsted, Creative Director.

We can’t guarantee what’s going to be under your Christmas tree this year but we CAN promise you constant action and hilarious brawls that will make you cuss out your loved ones in this unhinged Holiday-fight extravaganza.

Rubber Royale is easy to pick up and learn. Just jump in, customize your character, and battle strangers or friends in a variety of different game modes with the last man standing being the victor in this crazy royale fiesta of a game.

Holiday Prologue features

  • 16 players
  • Instant action
  • Big, destructible, cool looking arenas
  • A diverse arsenal of new weapons,Including many of your favorites from Rubber Bandits
  • Classic game modes like knock-out, king of the hill, racing, and more!

Rubber Royale Holiday Prologue is out now on Steam and it’s free to play. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

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