Life’s Meta Raises $9,264 on Kickstarter

Thanks to the support of 89 backers, independent development studio Widow Games exceeded its initial goal of $5,000 and raised $9,264 to fully fund the production of Life’s Meta on Kickstarter.The finished game will include the collaborative creation of a story with the development team.
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Life’s Meta is an interactive narrative video game that focuses on exploring and nurturing emotions through engaging with a variety of characters and scenarios.  The game combines elements of dating simulators, visual novels, and social media platforms, allowing players to customize their avatars, connect with diverse characters, and use their emotional intelligence to unlock alternative dialogue options and story paths.
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FeaturesAn interactive narrative video game that puts emotions at the heart of the gameplay. NPCs powered by AI recreate unique interactions with every player. AvatarLab: This platform allows players to craft a custom avatar that expresses their identity, promoting representation and inclusion for players.Multiplatform: Mobile and DesktopImmersive locations with high graphical fidelity powered by Unreal Engine 5. Web3: True ownership of player’s digital assets as NFTs. 

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