The New Light Nite Battle Royale mode is the first one ever for a Bitcoin and NFTs based shooter eSports game


The first and unique Third Person Shooter game for PC working natively on the Bitcoin blockchain has just launched the most anticipated Battle Royale game mode. The game features a playtoearn competitive game mode and ranked mode for both solo and squad players.

Satoshi’s Games announced today that its greatly anticipated Battle Royale game mode for Light Nite, the first Bitcoin micro-rewards and Bitcoin NFTs third-person shooter game, has finally been implemented and is now available for the thousands of early-access owners that are enjoining the Beta Phase of the game. Developed and published by Satoshi’s Games, Light Nite has been available since April 2020 when the first build for a single-player mode was published and marketed mainly to the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets and communities.

Light Nite is a multiplayer third-person shooter with in-game Bitcoin rewards and a minimalistic low-poly & cartoonish design, offering several game modes including a Battle-Royale game mode in a playtoearn scheme. Bitcoin micro-transactions add a new level of interaction within the game. Currently, players can earn as they play in casual mode and withdraw using a Lightning Network wallet

The game features:

  • Bitcoin as in-game currency: using the satoshi, the smallest part of the Bitcoin, Light Nite offers players a real value for anything they do in-games: achievements, wins and other actions in the game are rewarded with Bitcoin.
  • Ranked and playtoearn game modes: Players can enjoy a classical ranked mode based on ELO or a playtoearn mode where they can get more Bitcoin or NFTs from other players for deathmatch, team deathmatch, and Battle Royale.
  • NFTs for most in-game items: most in-game gear like character skins and accessories, weapons skins, and others are NFTs that are tradable in Elixir.APP market and users are already trading thousands monthly. This means items have a strong real value that players will be able to increase as they win battles while decreasing scarcity, and then trade to cash out their profits in a public marketplace. Today assets can already be withdrawn to a Liquid-supported wallet and transferred to any other player.

Light Nite is available as Early Access at, a new Platform developed by Satoshi’s Games that allow players:

  • Leverage their years of playtime into a Bitcoin wallet
  • Cash-out in-game gear and skins inventories
  • Secure uniqueness of in-game items through a scarcity system enabled by its tokenization system: no unlimited editions of skins, all of them accounted for
  • Use an NFT Marketplace, allowing players to trade items from any of the games in the platform, directly with other players

A few sections may have unintended consequences of prohibiting legitimate Online Skill Games operators: FICCI Gaming Committee


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