Medieval Pixel-Art Colony-Simulator Lords and Villeins Coming to Early Access this Month


Medieval Pixel-Art Colony-Simulator Lords and Villeins Coming to Early Access this Month

Lords and Villeins a medieval pixel art colony simulator, will launch into Early Access on September 30th via Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store and other digital stores. The Early Access price is set at €19.99 / $19.99 with a 15% launch discount that will be available during the first week.

Lords & Villeins is a light-hearted city-building strategy simulation of medieval society where you grow dynasties of families and see them evolve and interact as you build their homes, farms and workshops. Assign them different tasks, duties, taxes, expand the production chain, train an army for the king and craft a unique story of your settlement while engaging with the fantasy of being a Medieval lord.

The Early Access version of Lords and Villeins will include the majority of the core mechanics, a number of peasant zones and professions to develop production chains of over 90 resources ranging from food and commodities to building materials and equipment, 4 domesticated animals to tame and take care of, character creation for the ruling family, and highly developed AI capable of simulating whole families of medieval peasants.

Key Features

  • 70+ objects at your disposal to build, decorate and improve your settlement
  • Nearly 20 different zones and professions that can be performed by the villagers for the player to manage
  • 90+ resources to be used in a fully functional production chain
  • Unique family-management perspective where the player negotiates with groups of villagers through the head of their family
  • Fully simulated procedurally generated environment with a complex AI that can create relationships and develop character traits
  • Various domesticated animals your villagers can tame, feed and take care of.
  • An immersive world where you are part of the bigger picture. Collect taxes from your villagers to secure reserves, maintain balance and make your duties to pay the royal tax imposed on your land.
  • Visually distinct seasons with soundtrack deigned around seasonal themes, in future updates also expanded with simulations of weather conditions, temperatures and soil quality.

Lords and Villeins is planned to release via Steam Early Access on September 30th, 2021.

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