Magnetic Press Sets Launch Date for LUPIN THE 3rd 50th Anniversary Art Book Kickstarter

Magnetic Press Sets Launch Date for LUPIN THE 3rd 50th Anniversary Art Book Kickstarter

Magnetic Press Sets Launch Date for  LUPIN THE 3rd 50th Anniversary Art Book Kickstarter

Today, Magnetic Press, acclaimed publisher of graphic novels and art books, is pleased to announce the pre-order launch date for 50 Animated Years of LUPIN THE 3rd, a coffee table art book celebrating the 50 years of the beloved anime series. The project is being launched on Kickstarter on October 26 in partnership with TMS Entertainment, the prolific Japanese animation studio behind LUPIN THE 3rd, and will celebrate the exploits of the gentleman thief across the entire franchise.

Initially conceived as a manga by acclaimed creator Monkey Punch in 1967, LUPIN THE 3rd has since evolved into a franchise adored worldwide spawning hundreds of serialized animated episodes, specials, and feature films. The franchise’s storied history will be celebrated within the pages of the anniversary coffee table art book, chronicling its evolution from Monkey Punch’s original drawings to the newest anime season and recent CG feature film. There will be a wealth of imagery, production artwork, and insights into nearly every piece of content produced over the years, as well as a near-encyclopedic look into the central and supporting characters that have brought the energy and humor that LUPIN THE 3rd has showcased for five decades.

The book will be available to pre-order through a Kickstarter campaign launching on October 26 and will be available in two editions: the standard 200+ page hardcover and a limited deluxe slipcase edition. The campaign will allow fans to unlock bonus sections of pages as “stretch goals” to be added to the page count, providing up to 96 extra pages of original production artwork, design sketches, and storyboards from the history of the franchise. For more information and to pre-register for the exclusive campaign bonuses, fans are encouraged to visit

We’re thrilled to be partnering with TMS Entertainment to help celebrate this landmark of 50 years of LUPIN THE 3rd,” said Mike Kennedy, Founder and Publisher of Magnetic Press. “Capturing all five decades of this benchmark anime into one coffee table book is a herculean task, but one we’re excited to take on! We think fans will love this beautifully packaged love letter to Lupin and his crew.”

The Anniversary Art Book is being written by noted LUPIN historian Reed Nelson who is widely recognized as a leading authority on the series. Since the series debut in 1971, TMS Entertainment has produced over 250 serialized episodes spanning five seasons, with a sixth season premiering this month to coincide with the 50th anniversary. Additionally, the franchise has seen multiple theatrically released animated films, including LUPIN THE 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro — notable for being the directorial debut of the renowned Hayao Miyazaki — and LUPIN III: THE FIRST, the franchise’s first foray into computer-generated animation released last year.

In addition to the Anniversary Art book, Magnetic Press’s gaming imprint, Magnetic Press Play, will also be publishing a tabletop RPG based on the world of LUPIN THE 3rd. The game will utilize Magnetic’s new variation on the classic D6 System of role-playing rules popularized by licensing partner West End Games with franchises such as Star Wars and Ghostbusters. The game will allow players to experience the exciting, over-the-top outlaw antics of LUPIN THE 3rd like never before. More details about this project will come at a later date.

More info about Magnetic Press and Magnetic Press Play is available on Facebook, Twitter, and the official website,

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