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Mega City Force – the Retrowave Roguelike, gets “The Factory” Major Update now!


The Factory Major Update is OUT NOW!

About the game and the update:

Mega City Force is a Retrowave Action Roguelike featuring tough agents battling crime to the electrifying music of artists like Droid Bishop, Timecop1983, and more! Choose your agent and dive into hardcore action against enemies and bosses, utilizing a vast arsenal and special abilities that will define your playstyle!

The Factory & Robot update is here after a delay, and it is packed with new content, QoL improvements (we’ve fixed the melee system, read below to learn more!) and as usual, a bunch of bugs has been identified and fixed, so here’s the update! 

What’s new?

  •  Factory Level (Optional Level)
  •  Robot Agent
  •  New random event
  •  2 new collectible tracks
  •  A new currency for shop re-rolls has been added (This currency can be exchanged while in the shop in order to refresh the randomized shop contents)
  • and much more!

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