Memoranda | new ‘making of’ video (with added cats)


Digital Dragon Games has released a behind the scenes video showing the making of Memoranda, the point-and-click adventure with elements of magical realism, developed by Bit ByterZ and due for release on Steam for PC on 25 January, 2017. A console version is planned for a later date.

The video shows the small indie development team working on the game, from hand-drawing the characters and environments; creating the sound effects, herding cats (no, really); composing the soundtrack; and even the voice actors recording their lines.

Memoranda is a game about forgetting and being forgotten, inspired by the surreal world short stories of Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami (Kafka on the Shore, Norwegian Wood, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle). Memoranda tells the story of a young woman who gradually realizes that she is forgetting her own name. But is she really losing her memory, or is there something else that could explain the strange situation?


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