Mind-bending Math-Packed Roguelike Deckbuilder LONESTAR Lands on Steam on Jan 18, 2024


Mind-bending Math-Packed Roguelike Deckbuilder LONESTAR Lands on Steam on Jan 18, 2024

Buckle up and get ready to pilot your way into the infinite LONESTAR cosmos! Developer Math Tide and publisher Thermite Games proudly announce their up-coming turn-based strategic roguelike deckbuilder LONESTAR will be available on Steam as Early Access on Jan 18, 2024, with a price point of $9.99/€9.75 and a 10% launch discount. Featuring intricate challenges, abundant combat styles, and mind-bending tactical gameplay, LONESTAR is about to revolutionize the deckbuilding experience that will push players to their cognitive limits.


Embark on a cosmic adventure in LONESTAR as a daring bounty hunter to hunt down elusive criminals strewn across the universe. Your spaceship is your customizable stronghold, and your wit as your key advantage. Assemble an arsenal of formidable units, each possessing unique abilities and strengths, and fuel them with Energy Resources harnessed through cards of various colors (rarities) and numerical values. Face numerous challenges, outsmart lawbreakers, and make choices that will mark your name among the galaxies.
While at the stage of Early Access, LONESTAR is packed with a wealth of content, ensuring a thrilling bounty-hunting adventure awaits. In this cosmic adventure, you can customize your journey by exploring diverse combat styles and strategies through two unique Spaceships, each equipped with a personalized arsenal boasting over 170 powerful Units.
The dynamic gameplay extends beyond spaceship customization, introducing a collection of 140+ Treasures that enables you to craft numerous combinations, offering endless possibilities for creative and strategic gameplay. Recruit from a pool of 35 skilled pilots of 4 different races to enhance bounty-hunting prowess. Spoiler alert! Exclusive options will be unlocked based on the race of your chosen pilot. And please stay tuned for the arrival of even more distinct pilots in the future, expanding your combo options and diversifying your ride.
The challenges in LONESTAR are as varied as the cosmos itself. Confront space pirates across 8 difficulty levels, offering a thrilling and adaptable gaming experience suitable for players of all skill levels. Pursue nearly 100 wanted criminals, including 15 boss-level felons, in an ever-escalating test of your strategic acumen.
For the boldest bounty hunters, LONESTAR unleashes an exhilarating Boss Rush Mode. Engage in a five-round showdown against the toughest enemies in the LONESTAR universe, testing your mettle and adaptability as you strive for victory with your chosen build.
Brace yourself for an epic space chase as the game sets sail on Steam on Jan 18, 2024. Hunt down the cosmos’s most elusive fugitives and carve your path to becoming a legendary bounty hunter!

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