My Diggy Dog 2 Now Available on Steam


Digger platformer featuring dungeons and puzzles

Independent development studio King Bird Games released My Diggy Dog 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed digger platformer, on Steam five days ago.

Join the adventurers Christopher and Clara along with their dog Marty, and explore dungeons full of challenging puzzles. Find a variety of equipment, countless artifacts, and a large space for new discoveries. 

My Diggy Dog 2 is being released in Early Accessing and it will remain like that for 3 months approximately. The game currently contains 60 levels while the full version will have up to 120. The title is also available on iOS and Android.


  • Journey to various locations
  • A large map to explore in any direction
  • Hidden collectible artifacts
  • Large dungeons full of traps and puzzles
  • Unique digging mechanics
  • A dynamic upgrade system
  • A touching story full of twists 
  • Stunning graphics
  • Lots of pleasant details in the game world
  • It has 120 levels

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