Neowiz Reveals Aka Release Date at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase


NEOWIZ is proud to announce Aka, an extraordinary gaming experience, is coming to Nintendo Switch on December 15, 2022. The announcement about Aka’s release was made during this month’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase. Aka earned its place in the Showcase thanks to its lovingly crafted game world and thoroughly original story from Cosmo Gatto. With beautiful hand-crafted graphics and engaging gameplay, Aka is sure to please players and touch their hearts along the way.
Aka brings players a singularly unique opportunity to play a wholesome adventure that is as beautiful as it is insightful. Players take on the role of Aka, a retired red panda soldier seeking inner peace.
As Aka, players will find a plethora of content to explore, including four unique islands, each with a different biome and atmosphere. Along the way, they’ll meet a wealth of characters that Aka can help as they simultaneously seek out the perfect home for Aka where he can spend time crafting and farming. Aka will also need to spend time in other peaceful endeavors like napping, daydreaming, swimming, and more as befits a retiree. The fun continues when Aka engages in several mini-games to keep himself sharp. All this and more will be found when Aka is released on December 15th.
Neowiz also announced that the PC/Steam version of Aka will be released simultaneously with the Nintendo Switch version. Players are invited to head to the Aka Steam page to add the game to their wishlists and to keep track of development updates.

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