New Rogue-lite VR Zombie Wave Shooter set to take centre stage


New Rogue-lite VR Zombie Wave Shooter set to take centre stage

VAR LIVE is excited to announce EXTERMINATE, a VR zombie wave shooter that promises raw exhilarating horror with endless replayability. It is now on Early-access and available in the Steam Store at Exterminate will soon also be  available in the Oculus store.

Set in a dystopian aftermath of a zombie catastrophe, the player takes control of a veteran survivalist, and stands off against waves of crazed zombies led by the creator of the X-19 virus along with other unique bosses that brought the world to its knees.

Players choose different offensive and defensive upgrades between waves and fend off the onslaught of zombies. Leveling up and strengthening core abilities while progressing to new areas where strains of the virus have evolved.


VAR LIVE Patented Anti-motion Sickness Technology

Realistic and Terrifying Zombie Shooter

Fast Paced and Strategic

Horror and Carnage

100+ abilities to mix into your game play. Such as burst damage, bouncing bullets and lifesteal.

Unique boss fights

Global Rankings

High replayability and progressive gameplay

“VAR: Exterminate is finally ready! Everyone at VAR LIVE is thrilled to give VR Gamers a game that offers multiple gaming elements that are still not widely available on the VR platform. The initial game release is the start of what we hope will become a massive franchise and I am excited to be on this journey with everyone!” – Benjamin Lee, Business Development Director at VAR LIVE

VAR Live plans to release the game on its Arcade gaming machine, VAR BOX which hints of a deeper and immersive gameplay with unique content and rewards at a later date.

VAR BOX currently offers 3 state of the art games that boasts of a 1:1 Glock Handgun with haptic feedback. One of their games, Overkill, a 4vs4 MOBA FPS game is currently the most popular VR E- sport game with cash prizes offering over thousands of dollars.

Evercade VS – Pre-Orders Now Open


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