Newspaper Tycoon Sim “News Tower” Delivers Fresh Trailer & Dev Playthrough (PC)


News Tower, the tycoon management sim set in the 1930s from publisher Twin Sails Interactive and developer Studio Nul Games, showcases the range of editorial challenges players will face as they manage their newspaper in a new gameplay trailer released today. The team is currently adding new content and features as the game readies to launch into Steam Early Access later this year. A new dedicated developer playthrough video also dropped today to show off the game’s current progress and some of the features players will be able to experience at the arrival of early access.

As the founder of a newspaper in 1930s New York, your goal is to build a media empire: recruit and manage every profession necessary to your success, including reporters, photographers, janitors and the essential ads salesperson. Search for exciting news across the globe, matching your editorial line and your readers’ interests. Build and optimize your tower to ensure the well-being of your employees and gain new audiences while meeting your printing deadlines and balancing editorial quality!

  • Investigate Around the Globe: Select topics from around the world and follow different leads to develop each story. From the disappearance of a cat to stories of corruption, your decisions will have consequences.
  • Compose Your Newspaper: Each week you’ll compose your newspaper with the articles you have produced. Hard-hitting journalism, sensational gossip, income-generating ads – it’s up to you to decide what makes the cut!
  • Build & Optimize Your Tower: Improve your production processes without impacting the well-being of your employees. The layout of the desks and machines is not to be neglected!
  • Grow Your News Empire: Conquer New York by expanding to famous locations like Wall Street, Central Park and more, unlocking new upgrades and readers with their own interests to balance.

News Tower is set to launch into Steam Early Access later this year and is available to wishlist now.

For more information on News Tower and everything else from Twin Sails Interactive, visit the official website and follow along on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

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