Aksys Games Announces Olympia Soirée Exclusive Card Set

Meet the cast of this epic tale of a lonely girl striving to right wrongs and find love

Aksys Games today announced the exclusive card set for Olympia Soirée, the upcoming otome game coming to Nintendo Switch™ this fall. Each first run copy of the game will include a set of seven premium cards featuring the main characters. Which of these captivating men will Olympia choose?

Isolated for much of her life after her clan was wiped out, Olympia is the only person who can perform a ritual that will restore the sun to a land enveloped in darkness. She must travel to Tenguu Island where the heads of each district (Red, Blue, Yellow) lead a society governed by rigid class structures. Able to travel between the districts, Olympia discovers their wonders and their weaknesses, and encounters an entire underground group of shunned “colorless” individuals who she is determined to help. If she can find a mate who will help her continue her lineage and save the world before it is destroyed, she can reveal to that special someone her heart and her true name. Olympia Soirée has been rated “M” for Mature by the ESRB. 


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