On the Edge Conservation creates virtual animal influencers

On the Edge Conservation creates virtual animal influencers

On the Edge Conservation (OTEC) is launching “virtual animal influencers” on YouTube and other digital platforms to draw attention to endangered species.

OTEC, a charitable foundation, has produced a series of short-form video diaries that follow the exploits of two digitally animated characters drawn from the 3,147 species on the established Evolutionarily Distinct, Globally Endangered (EDGE) list. 86% of these animals do not receive enough conservation attention and 20% are critically endangered, at risk of disappearing forever.

These videos are designed to appeal to a ‘family’ audience, deploy the latest motion-capture animation techniques, and are freely available now on the On the Edge channel on YouTube. 

The video diaries channel follows the launch of mobile game, Kakapo Run, and underpins OTEC’s ambition to promote biodiversity differently by utilising popular digital platforms to inspire and engage a growing number of young activists to champion the importance of protecting and improving biodiversity.

Characters; Lexi the Aye Aye and Eric the Pangolin have lives of their own and each moved to London to live out their dreams, with Lexi having hopes of becoming a DJ, gaining a degree in environmental science and simply living life to its fullest. Throughout the series you will fall in love with each of the different personalities while learning more about their animal traits, behaviours and the perilous situation the biodiversity of this planet is in. 

Beth Blood, Founder & CEO at On the EDGE Conservation, said; “My hope is that by giving voice to these unfamiliar but endangered animals through modern story-telling techniques, we will promote biodiversity as something to be celebrated in popular culture. The relentless pace of civilisation comes at a cost to the natural world.  That much we know. We believe that everyone – particularly the next generation of consumers – has a role to play in addressing the imbalances.  The less charismatic characters that feature in our animation are delightful, surprising and hopefully refreshing new spokes-animals for the wonders of the natural world and the challenges it faces. “

Bruna Capozzoli, Head of Creative Content and creator of the series, said; “The beauty of developing virtual influencers lies in the ability of expanding the concepts of character and narrative that we traditionally experience in animation. This means we can evolve our storytelling, surpass relaying retrospective news and opinions, and move towards of the minute cultural commentary, while enabling our characters to learn and evolve with time, gaining a life of their own. In this process, constantly mastering the technology that sits behind motion capture is a must.” 

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