New Details Emerge for Open World Survival Title Smalland at the Future Games Show

Merge Games Senior Game Designer Kev Harrison gives the Future Games Show an exclusive dive into the upcoming multiplayer survival title!
Merge Games is thrilled to unveil new details about their open world survival title, Smalland.  Since Merge took over development of the highly anticipated title in 2019, we are ecstatic to reveal some new information on what to expect from the massive adventure with a brand-new video that recently debuted on the Future Games Show at Gamescom!

Diving into combat, crafting, building, and customisation, Merge reveals brand new gameplay and details of the epic landscapes you will be able to explore. Featuring dynamic, ever-changing environments where creatures react to each other as well as the world around them, Smalland sees players emerge into a giant overgrown world where they’re shrunk down to the size of a pebble.
Changing weather, rotating seasons, and a full day/night cycle all add unique challenges and are another massive feature of Smalland, as players explore across an expansive open world environment.

In the video, Kev also dives into customisation detailing some of the ways players can adjust their character and skills to be uniquely them, and align themselves with new creatures to gain abilities — which can protect them, or move them up the food chain!

Features Overview

  • Build, craft, research, upgrade, fortify and fight to survive in a living breathing multiplayer open world game
  • Team-up with other players in PVE including cooperative Events that threaten the balance of Smalland, as well as take part in PVP focused gameplay.
  • Customise and style your armour, weapons, and tools, prepare and manage your loadouts and abilities 
  • Dynamic day, night and Seasons which affect resources, creatures, and your rate of survival 
  • Ally yourself with the creatures of Smalland, gain special resources for crafting as well as access to allies and mounts
  • Take charge of indigenous insects and mammals and ride them across the land or take to the skies by riding birds
  • Build shelters and structures to help hide and protect you which allow you to craft your resources

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