PC Fishing Simulator King Crab DLC Out Now

PC Fishing Simulator King Crab DLC Out Now
PC Fishing Simulator King Crab DLC Out Now

PC Fishing Simulator King Crab DLC Out Now

The long wait of future crab fishers is over! Today is the release of the extensiveKing Crab expansion from astragon Entertainment and developer Misc Games. Aside from two brand new ships the DLC also offers catch mechanics with two entertaining mini games that have never been included before. All of these innovations serve the catching of the long yearned and now availbale species: the lucrative king crabs.

The King Crab DLC is the perfect addition for adventurous seafarers to expand their fishing equipment and ship fleet for the exciting world of a real king crab catcher. The Selfy which is based on the ship models of boat manufacturer Arctic AS and the huge and powerful Svalbard are the two brand new ships to lead the player to success on the vast high seas. They are able to reliably locate the king crab grounds of the Barents Sea and provide the player with necessary equipment to make a name for themselves in Northern Norway.

Challenging mini games test the skills of the newbie crustacean hunters. The hauling of the crab pots works manually on the small Selfy. In contrast the pots on the deck of Svalbard are so huge and enormous that a strong crane is needed to lift them. Here a tricky mini game starts in which the player needs to coordinate the hauling of the pots to place the freshly caught crabs next to the sorting table. Afterwards the crab cages need to be reloaded with fresh bait and hauled back onto the seabed.

The next mini game follows the successful catch of the valuable prey. Now the fisher needs to sort the crabs by gender. As in real life also the virtual seaman needs to stick to the legal requirements. Only the male crabs are allowed to be caught and sold. The female crabs need to get thrown back into the ocean to produce plenty of offspring.

After the crab fishing newbie became a master in using the new catch mechanics there is nothing else standing in the way of conquering the king crab market in and around Hammerfest!

Take a look at the release trailer here:

The King Crab DLC for Fishing: Barents Sea is now available on Steam™ for 9.99 Euro/11.99 USD/8.99 GBP (RRP). The main gameFishing: Barents Sea for PC also is available in retail or as a digital download for 19.99 Euro/19.99 USD/16.99 GBP (RRP).

More information on Fishing: Barents Sea:

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