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Plank Builders Raises $11,900 on Kickstarter

Thanks to the support of 211backers, independent development studio Diditopia Games exceeded its initial goal of $11,399 and raised $11,900 to fully fund the production of Plank Builders on Kickstarter. The accomplishment of this goal will allow the team to complete the development of the game. If the next stretch goal is reached –$13,983– Plankys can operate a toy train, allowing them to acquire and transport extra planks for new construction projects.
Plank Builders is an engaging and serene construction game where enchanted marbles bring stuffed toys to life, and players collaborate with monkeys to plan and build structures using wooden planks. The challenge lies in not touching the ground, requiring clever plank layouts to reach every monkey.
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As you progress, you’ll master increasingly complex building techniques, awaken more monkeys with magical marbles, and face physics-based challenges, all while customizing your plush monkey companion and expanding your skills through a skill tree and building templates.
A downloadable demo version of the game is currently available on Steam.
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FeaturesConstructing with small wooden planks.Toy monkeys become alive.The floor is lava.Exploration, finding all monkeys.Physics-based building system.Miniatures and child’s room surrounding.Wholesome Gameplay.

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