PlayStation : Exoprimal – Season 2 Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games


Exoprimal Season 2 hits the streets on October 18th with Street Fighter 6 crossover content, a new map, new rigs to customize your gameplay, a new 10-player co-op final mission, and new skins and emotes!

Ocean Platform adds a new combat zone full of precarious pathways, while new rigs for exosuits provide new ways to maneuver around the battle field and neutralize targets.

Escape, a new 10-player co-operative final mission, requires that you work together with your former rivals to dreamchieve your goals and reach the end… or be flagged for mandatory retirement.

Street Fighter 6 content is also included, bringing skins, emotes, and more with it!

We’ll see you in the wargames.

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