PlayStation : New Arc Line – Story Trailer | PS5 Games


Single-player, story-rich RPG New Arc Line coming soon to Playstation 5 has just unveiled a new trailer, showing a glimpse of the kind of stories you will experience, and characters you will encounter, while roaming its vast world.

Set during the gilded age of magic and technology, New Arc Line welcomes players to a troubled world: The New World looms on the horizon, the shining city of progress, and the last beacon of hope in your search for a cure to your family’s fatal disease. But you will soon discover that the city’s beauty runs only skin-deep; tensions growing between different factions in the world of arcane magic and steampunk gadgets, the rich exploiting the poor, the humanoid hunting the monstrous, and in the middle of it all you, a stranger in a strange land, unaware of the role you have to play in shaping the future of this world… Which side will you choose? What will you become?

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May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.


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