PlayStation : Pinball FX – Huge Content Update | PS5 & PS4 Games


A huge content update is now available in Pinball FX!

Star Trek™ Pinball: Boldly go, where no one has gone before! Explore 3 tables based on the fan-favorite movies and TV series of the franchise ranging from classics to the present day, and live long and prosper on the leaderboards!

Game Night Pinball Volume 1: Get ready for a game-changing experience as Zen Studios partners up with Asmodee to bring you three tables based on the best tabletop games. Step into a new realm of pinball, and remember, just like with the dice, a single flip can change everything.

A Charlie Brown Christmas™ Pinball: Find the real meaning of Christmas! Join the Peanuts crew in putting on a play and decorating the most perfect tree there is.

Pinball FX Charity Pack: Your purchase of Epic Quest and Excalibur brings joy to those in need & helps preserve pinball culture. Join Max the knight in championing charity!

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