REVIEW : Never Synth (PC)

REVIEW : Never Synth (PC)

A third-person rhythm driving simulator is NeverSynth.

In order to collect beats in this dynamic action game, you must drive an automobile while listening to rhythmic music. You gain more game points as you accumulate more beats.

REVIEW : Never Synth (PC)


Take a deep dive into the fascinating world of synth waves and retro waves. You can return to the electrical past by travelling down an infinite highway between tall buildings and a brilliant sunset.


REVIEW : Never Synth (PC)

You have access to a number of beautiful settings and swift vehicles. All you have to do is play some music and take pleasure in the activity.

REVIEW : Never Synth (PC)


Use pre-made songs or upload your own. The most important thing is to pay attention to the beats that are produced during your ride. The quicker you earn for a new car, the better your reaction time is!


  • Six retro-wave places are included in the game.
  • 6 vehicles with various features
  • dynamic driving and stunning scenery
  • incredible soundtrack
  • the ability to upload music

Even though it’s simple, the game offers excellent graphics. Although the gameplay is quite monotonous, it can nevertheless be extremely calming in that regard. When you just want to relax, it might be pleasant. Personally, I think the sound design should be a bit better. There are no engine noises, no other sounds, just one music.

REVIEW : Never Synth (PC)

Sure, you can upload your own music to it, but it will take a lot of work for very little reward. It in no way creates a level depending on the music. Furthermore, I don’t want to use up disc space by storing songs on my HD. So, because there are no other sounds, I simply muted the game and listened to a Youtube playlist of synthwave music while playing this. Easy. Enjoyable. At least for the brief period that I did play this. I doubt I’ll be playing this frequently. It wasn’t too expensive for me because I purchased it in that bundle with three other games.

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