REVIEW : Sparkle (PS VITA)


10tons Bring Sparkle to PS VITA , originally a mobile game which released back in 2007. 10tons celebrate their 10th anniversary this year, so they are bringing their old gems to VITA.

Sparkle is a puzzle game in which your main task is to stop the line of brightly colored orbs coming down the wavy path to reach the end of the path into the hole using your orb slinger . Match 3 or more orbs of same color using your slinger and they would magically disappear.

Sparkle also has a story to go along with the puzzles. The Woods have fallen under the darkness of evil forces. It’s up to you to work your way through the Woods and find what you need to save the forest and its people. To do so you must match colored orbs in batches of three to progress. You can use the right analog stick or the touch screen to throw the orbs , I prefer the later as I felt more ease using it.

The paths are like wavy mazes along which the orbs move , getting a combo or removing all orbs from the screen gives you power-ups which you can use on the next wave of orbs. The wave of orbs only stop when all the lights around your slinger are totally lit. As you progress through the game , the wave of orbs get faster, so you need fast reflexes to make those combos. Amulets provide different abilities like slowing the waves of orbs down or your slinger throwing orbs faster, each helping to make a particular level little easier.

Sparkle is a great puzzle game , which becomes addictive very quickly. The background music also adds to the tension when the orbs get really near to the hole or change to a rhythmic orchestral  music when waves are coming in. All this adds a fresh feel to orbs-poppin-puzzle genre.

Sparkle has 9 trophies( 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 7 Bronze) and carries a price of GBP 3.99. We are hoping 10tons bring more of their games to VITA.


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