Fantasy FPS Rogue Islands Approaches Steam’s Shores

Fantasy FPS Rogue Islands Approaches Steam's Shores
Fantasy FPS Rogue Islands Approaches Steam's Shores

Fantasy FPS Rogue Islands Approaches Steam’s Shores

Big Fat Alien* would like to present you with the exotic, procedurally generated archipelago of Rogue Islands. Demon-infested forests, deserts, caves, and mountains will test your FPS skills, and only the best shall come face-to-face with the Lords of Torment.


The latest build of Rogue Islands is set to arrive on Steam for Windows this Friday, May 12th — with a 1.0 launch later this year.

More About Rogue Islands

Rogue Islands is a fast-paced, first-person shooter set in a procedural fantasy world. You control a nimble druid that can levitate and cast powerful magic spells. The action is fast and smooth, and the demonic enemies legion.

Each island is a unique and complex 3D sculpture brimming with monsters, temples, forests, mountains, caves, and bosses. Massive cliffs rise from incomprehensible depths, while beautiful yet insanely twisted passages wind their way through valleys and under mountains.

No two islands are ever the same!

Further Fabulous Features

– Demonic hordes subject to demonic ecologies!

– 5 Lords of Torment to defeat!

– Levitating, summoning, and all sorts of extra-lethal spells!

– Instantly accessible crafting and upgrades system!

– Engrossing, beautiful 3D graphics!

– Permadeath!

About Floating Island Games

We set out to combine fluid FPS action with the tension of procedurally generated levels. You never explore the same island twice. You can’t memorize your way through the game.

With each subsequent play-through, you’ll gain the experience necessary to tackle the enemies and hazards that inhabit these strange islands. And with the added tension of permadeath, players soon learn to avoid unnecessary risks and proceed with a cautious determination. Rogue Islands is difficult but fair.


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