SAMURAI SHODOWN’s newest character IROHA flies in May 13th!


SAMURAI SHODOWN’s newest character IROHA flies in May 13th!

SNK CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, Company President & CEO: Koichi Toyama) is pleased to announce that SAMURAI SHODOWN’s newest character, IROHA, will be available to download on May 13th for North America on the PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™ consoles. She will be the 3rd character in the Season 2 Pass DLC.
■ IROHA, the devoted crane turned maid, dives in!

IROHA patiently dotes on her young master. One day, a sudden darkness falls over the land, and her master’s wellbeing drives IROHA to pick up her weapon, as nobody will get in between their love. Her beauty is beyond compare, and her fighting style is as graceful as a crane.

Voice Over Actor : Jun Miruno


■Character name
DLC character: IROHA

■Release Date
May 13th

PlayStation®4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch ™

Season Pass 2 (PlayStation®4) : $13.99/€13.99(3 Character DLC Set with SOGETSU/IROHA/???)

Season Pass 2 (Xbox One/Nintendo Switch™ ): $19.99/€19.99(4 Character DLC Set with MINA/SOGETSU/IROHA/???)

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