Shape of the World: the exploration continues on PlayStation 5


Shape of the World, the first-person exploration game by Hollow Tree Games launches today, July 13th, on PlayStation 5.

PID Games, Zerouno and Hollow Tree Games are excited to bring Shape of the World to a further console, giving players the opportunity to travel through a surrealist experience. After successful years on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, the dreamy exploration game now comes to delight players on PlayStation 5. A special port to next gen console carely handled by ZeroUno and supported by the publisher PID Games. From today, Shape of the World is available on PlayStation Store at the price of $15 USD

Shape of the World is a first-person exploration game in a colorful and surprising world filled with splashing waterfalls, luminous monoliths and graceful creatures. A relaxing game where people can travel and match up with new environments. 


  • Experiment with an organic and mysterious ecosystem: Play with mystical animals, ephemeral vegetation and intriguing monoliths.
  • A dynamic soundtrack that responds to the player’s travels: The audio environment is a central component of the game, amplifying your experience of the world.
  • Procedural Population: The forest only materializes around you when you get close, regrowing in a new way each time you pass. Will you find your way back?
  • First Person Exploration: More than just a walking simulator. Slide, soar and dive through a living world, at once familiar and alien.

Escape from everyday life and come across stunning discoveries on PlayStation 5!

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