Shoppe Keep Out Now on Xbox One

Shoppe Keep Out Now on Xbox One
Shoppe Keep Out Now on Xbox One

Shoppe Keep Out Now on Xbox One

The original Shoppe Keep, a unique fantasy management game, is out now on Xbox One. Players can now jump in and set up Shoppe – selling swords, potions and all manner of fantasy staples. To celebrate Shoppe Keep’s Xbox One launch, we are offering a 10% launch week discount.

Instead of putting players into the shoes of an epic fantasy hero, Shoppe Keep offers players the chance to run a store, intended specifically to cater to adventurers.

Players will stock their store with dangerous weapons, fancy hats, sturdy armour and magical potions. Pesky thieves and dangerous barbarians are among the threats players face, with a little sword and magic needed to fend them off.

Runaway indie hit Shoppe Keep has been enjoyed by over 150,000 gamers for PC as well as being nominated for Game of the Year on IndieDB in 2015. After releasing on PS4 last September, Shoppe Keep’s popularity continues to grow.

Click here to download the official Shoppe Keep Xbox One screenshots.

Shoppe Keep 2

Alongside Shoppe Keep’s Xbox One release, developer Strangefire continues to be hard at work on Shoppe Keep 2, the open world, online multiplayer sequel. For the latest news on this title, releasing on 26 April 2018 in Steam Early Access, take a look at our latest Shoppe Keep 2 press release


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