A new historical turn-based strategy game, inspired by titles such as Age of Wonders or The Banner Saga, presents its first trailer

As a novelty for the strategy gaming community, Songs of Steel: Hispania releases its first trailer. This title developed by the Spanish studio Meteorbyte and published by Combat Time, promises to offer a game experience that combines the best of turn-based strategy titles such as Age of Wonders or The Banner Saga, with its excellent combat mechanics and a careful narrative.

In Songs of Steel: Hispania, we take players on a journey through a historical era of conflict… the Numantian War.

In the words of Phil González, CEO of Meteorbyte, “We are huge history buffs, especially towards ancient history, and this is one of the lesser known periods during the Roman Republic. It also hits near home, being a story set geographically in our country. We thought that a tactics game was a great approach, as we could feature the military units of the era, and their battle tactics, in a somewhat abstracted and orderly way, very similarly to how it is done in tabletop wargames, but with the extra depth one can imprint into a videogame.

We have strived for historical accuracy wherever possible,and have leaned towards making a compelling, powerful human narrative. A few concessions had to be made for the sake of storytelling and decision-making, of course, but we’ve remained as loyal as possible.”

The Songs of Steel Hispania Steam page is now available and more details about its release will be revealed soon.
About Songs of Steel: Hispania

Songs of Steel: Hispania is a historical turn-based strategy game that immerses you in the confrontation that took place in Hispania from 153 BC to 133 BC between the Roman Republic and the Celtiberian peoples: The Numantia War. You will make crucial decisions over more than two decades of conflict as you lead the Roman legions or struggles for the survival of the Celtiberian people of Numantia. Every choice you make will resonate in the narrative, charting a unique destiny for this historical world.

Main features
Epic Strategic Battles: Immerse yourself in historical confrontations and forge new paths with two complete campaigns to choose from, featuring historical characters, epic battles and a wide variety of troops.
Decision-making: Experience the intensity of decision-making and its impact on battles and history. Battle missions are a real dynamic challenge, where objectives can change in the blink of an eye. Prepare to adapt and make crucial strategic decisions in real time.
Strategy for everyone: Enjoy turn-based strategy gameplay that perfectly balances tactical depth with universal accessibility. Experience a complete deterministic combat system, where every variable counts, leaving nothing up to chance. Positioning and scenery will be essential on your battlefield, ranging from dense forests to ancient cities and majestic mountains.
A Hand-Drawn World: Discover a hand-illustrated world where the decisions you make along with historical characters such as Publio Cornelius Scipio, Rhetogenes or Megara will resonate in history, changing the course of events.
Voices in English and Spanish. Subtitles in English, Spanish and German.

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