Futuristic City-Builder Sphere – Flying Cities Receives Hefty Early Access Update


Futuristic City-Builder Sphere – Flying Cities Receives Hefty Early Access Update

Today, publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Hexagon Games delightedly announced the release of the first major update to come to popular sci-fi city-builder Sphere – Flying Cities, along with an updated Early Access roadmap, divulging to players what can be expected for the game in 2022 leading up to the full launch.

The update, aptly named “Industry and Pollution,” introduces a whole new mechanic to the engaging city-builder-meets-survival-game, allowing players to regulate the air within the biosphere, along with several shiny new structures to take care of the pollution problem. After all, when you have a bustling metropolis safely ensconced in a giant protective dome, miles up in the atmosphere, ensuring your citizens can breathe clean air is a rather high priority.

While being so high in the sky does keep citizens safe from the ravaged wasteland on the surface below, the extreme elevation does come with its disadvantages; the air outside is too thin, and the air inside requires constant care and cleansing to keep the citizens happy and healthy. In order to do this, the clever scientists and builders in the city have crafted some brainy solutions. With the “Industry and Pollution” update, players can now construct air collector plants, air circulation towers, gas storage, and refineries to remove pollutants from the air and get the community breathing freely once more. With resource scarcity causing such an issue, it only makes sense to reduce, reuse, and recycle; two new resources — compressed air and oxygen — are now available for players to use.

Key Features of Sphere – Flying Cities in Early Access:

  • A City in the Clouds: Construct your city with numerous retro-futuristic buildings, utilize the resources available from the unique sky-vironment, and send out drones to harvest (sometimes rare!) resources and repair buildings to keep everyone’s head in the clouds.
  • The Sky’s the Limit: The anti-gravity device and its deflector-shield are the only things protecting the city from (un)natural disasters; maintaining it means the difference between life and certain doom.
  • For the Greater Good: Assuring the safety of your city’s denizens is of paramount importance — tend to their needs by supplying food, healthcare, and shelter, as well as undergoing rescue missions. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to save every building – nor every colonist.
  • Write Your Own Story: Each decision you make, turn you take, and building you create chronicles your own narrative in this compelling near-apocalypse scenario. Define your experience by the paths you follow and determine how your city’s story ends. 

Developed by Hexagon Sphere Games and published by Assemble Entertainment, Sphere – Flying Cities is available now on Windows PC via Steam, currently with a 20% discount until December 22! Learn more and add the game to your wishlist here

Assemble Entertainment has again partnered with a charity to offer a Save the World Edition of the game, this time with Atmosfair, an environmental development organization that focuses on clean energy climate protection projects. The Save the World Edition of Sphere – Flying Cities includes a mini-artbook and bonus in-game cosmetics.

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