Summum Aeterna, the Roguelite prequel to the acclaimed Aeterna Noctis now available on Steam


Summum Aeterna, the Roguelite prequel to the acclaimed Aeterna Noctis now available on Steam

By surprise Aeternum Game Studios has announced that their second title called “Summum Aeterna” is available today, a frenetic action Roguelite game that you can find on Steam for a reduced launch price of €15.99 / $15.99

ummum Aeterna is a prequel to the acclaimed Aeterna Noctis that introduces us to a King of Darkness in one of the most convulsive and bloody periods of his history. Aeternum Game Studios guarantee us that the rhythm of the combat triples the formula seen in their previous work, being frenetic action and variety of weapons the main components in the combat system of this new title. Summum Aeterna has implemented important improvements and assistances compared to their previous title that will make players feel agile and powerful in combat.

The game features a world generator system never seen before in the genre. Worlds are created from seeds (or world generators) that, when germinated, create a new challenge with different environmental characteristics, enemy behaviour, special rooms and completely random rewards depending on the genes contained in the seed. The so-called “Seed Mechanics” will allow players to enjoy a totally different gaming experience every time they venture into a new world. The studio promises great news for this feature in future updates, including exclusive systems in the genre

In Summum Aeterna the customization possibilities are guaranteed. “We want players to be able to create adventures at their will by modifying the world and their character’s abilities,” say the developers. The improvements unlocked in the world menu and the skill tree of the character will be permanent, so players will have their progress saved despite dying a thousand times feeling more powerful in each new game.

Aeternum Game Studios confirms that the development of Summum Aeterna took a year and a half up to now and that there will be approximately another year and a half of development in Early Access mode. A great effort has been made by the studio carrying out the development of two games at the same time, the Metroidvania Aeterna Noctis and this Roguelite, games that have surprised us all. They tell us from the studio “One of the reasons that led us to create this title was to keep our team together and not be forced to lay off part of the staff due to lack of work. We are especially proud that Summum Aeterna has allowed us to keep the whole team that made Aeterna Noctis possible. We hope that it will be a formula that we can keep repeating in the future. We have a great team and they deserve it.”

Aeternum Game Studios has already made history in the industry with the spectacular Aeterna Noctis, and everything seems to indicate that Summum Aeterna will be a huge success. The title has been released in Early Access format, promising new and constant updates that will expand the game every so often. “We have a very live update plan, so that the player will have an expansion of the game almost every month with new worlds, game modes, bosses and other surprises that we know they will love” they have assured.

A sample of this plan is the roadmap that they shared about the next updates where we can practically see a monthly update:

The studio says that this time they decided to bet on the Early Access formula because they want to have the community involved in the development of the title. The dev team rely on their comments and suggestions to make Summum Aeterna a memorable title in its final version.

Summum Aeterna can be played right now for a reduced price of €15.99 / $15.99 on Steam. The launch price is reduced as a token of gratitude for the feedback it will receive from users. If you want to enjoy this title and support the studio in its development, there is no better way than to buy it right now from this link:

In addition, to celebrate the release of this new title, Aeternum Game Studios has also released Aeterna: Collection of Darkness on Steam, a pack that includes the Metroidvania Aeterna Noctis and the new Roguelite Summum Aeterna with an additional discount. Countless hours of content in an ideal combo for lovers of fast-paced combat and fans of exploration. The perfect opportunity to experience the universe of Aeterna.

The dev team makes their official channels available to players and will manage Summum Aeterna’s suggestions and comments through the official Discord account where they enabled special sections for this purpose.

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