Tasse de Thé introduces India’s first ever compact Tea Maker

Tasse de Thé introduces India’s first ever compact Tea Maker
Tasse de Thé introduces India’s first ever compact Tea Maker

Tasse de Thé introduces India’s first ever compact Tea Maker

Don’t waste your precious time boiling water and dunking a teabag — have a machine brew your tea for you. If convenience is everything, Tasse de Thé – an eponymous tea marque housing exclusive varieties of tea will leave you with a remarkably rich and satisfying cuppa of tea at the push of a button.

Touted to be the first fully automatic tea maker in India, Tasse de Thé brews tea by using a special technology that claims to not only brew perfect tea every time, but actually do so better than traditional brewing methods. All you have to do is follow these 5 simple steps and you are good to go:

  • Pour water into the tea maker’s water tank without exceeding its maximum capacity
  • Add any loose tea leaves of your choice in the basket. Place the basket inside the barrel, on the top of the teapot
  • Press Strong, Medium, Light or Refresh button according to your brew preference
  • Once steeped, the brew will automatically pour inside the teapot
  • Transfer the brewed tea into the cups and sit back to enjoy your cuppa

 The brewing process uses proper temperature to maximize the amount of antioxidants extracted from your tea so you can get the most health benefits out of every cup. The stainless steel chamber also guarantees to protect the tea’s natural flavors. All of these in less than 60 seconds!

“Unlike coffee making, which has been seeing automation and technological advancements on an ongoing basis, tea brewing has largely remained a manual process. This is because tea brewing is a delicate process. With our Tea maker you can customise your favourite cup, with a variety of Black, Green, White and Oolong tea. It is ideal for serving when you have too many guests at home or for keeping in your office if you dislike the office tea and don’t want to compromise on the taste, ” says Mr. Jiten Sheth, First Indian Certified Tea Blender from ITMA and Co-founder Tasse de Thé.

The most delightful mechanism about Tasse de Thé Tea Maker is its promise of your overall well-being. It is a perfect blend of innovation, style and elegance which will definitely catch the eye of customers this season.

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