Feast your eyes on the first The Fold: Ingression Gameplay Trailer


Plunge into the darkness and let the ancient forces take holdToday, 1C Entertainment announces its partnership with the talented Norwegian developer Audvyr Studio for the publishing of their debut title The Fold: Ingression on PC later this year. This thriller adventure with creepy atmosphere and a story inspired by old Norwegian legends will lead you on a dangerous journey; starting in a mysterious stave church, your path will soon lead beyond the boundaries of our mortal world – and even your body and mind will begin to twist with the power of the disturbing secrets you uncover. Will these changes give you the strength to fight back, or will you break?

Developed solely by one of the devs of Through the Woods – The Fold: Ingression introduces you to a young Norwegian, Amund Vreim, starting his job as a temp exterminator on assignment to the Eikherad stave church in Telemark, Norway. Amund was looking forward to an easy, relaxing assignment, but he soon realizes that nothing is as it seems and each passing day reveals new areas to explore, eventually leading into uncanny, mystical worlds. Can you keep your wits and become strong enough to protect our world from the ancient evil lurking beyond the veil?

“After many tough years developing alone, what started out as a fun little project, ‘The Fold: Ingression’ now finally feels like a fleshed-out world. Of course, there is still a lot of work ahead, but I believe I’ve managed to incorporate Scandinavian history and dark legends, which always fascinated me, into the game in a unique way. I drew my inspiration from the culture-rich county that I’m from, Þilamǫrk (Telemark),” says Stian Willums, Creative Director of Audvyr Studio.

The Fold: Ingression is planned to release on PC via Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, and other digital stores in Q4 2022.

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