Home Gaming The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Unveils Slaughter Family Character Cards

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Unveils Slaughter Family Character Cards

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Unveils Slaughter Family Character Cards
After debuting retro character cards for their cast of Victims, Gun Interactive has this week shared a series of similar cards for the Slaughter Family, the murderous relatives set to battle the Victims in head-to-head asymmetrical multiplayer action when The Texas Chain Saw Massacre launches in 2023. Much like their last batch of 70’s-inspired cards, the new images detail the attributes and special abilities of each character, providing a glimpse into their strengths, weaknesses and play style. Ranging from familiar faces like the classic 1974 film’s treacherous Hitchhiker to brand-new killers like ex-cultist Sissy, the cards can help prime players to pick favorites and devise strategies well ahead of the game’s release.
In addition to sharing unique abilities and attributes, every card also reveals key information about each character’s background and personality. It won’t surprise fans of the original film to learn that the Hitchhiker, for example, is described as an “artist of the macabre”, relentlessly pursuing his victims with his trusty knife and boasting the highest Endurance level of the entire family. Unlike their Victims, the Slaughter Family have only three attributes noted on their character cards: Savagery, Harvesting, and Endurance. For more details on how those attributes function in-game, check out the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Community Hub for a full breakdown on each character. 
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