Upskill your skills with short term online courses offered by these top five ed-tech startups


Upskill your skills with short term online courses offered by these top five ed-tech startups

Education in India has always been challenging; most of our population do not have funds for primary schooling education, and people live paycheck to paycheck jobs. School and colleges have always been important in showcasing how someone is qualified; these educational institutes are also essential still the skills they don’t teach are just as valuable. Hence, there exists an industry-academia gap in India’s education system. Now with the new age of tech, Ed companies are trying to fill these gaps by making quality education accessible to everyone.

One way these edtech companies are filling the gap is by providing short term online courses to students. Short-term online courses of in-demand skills have completely transformed the way of acquiring knowledge to develop new skills. These sorts of courses enable students across the globe to learn new skills from the comfort of their homes and learn from the best industry experts. Some of the hot in demand courses are Artificial Intelligence, electric vehicle, web development, data science, machine learning and so on. 

Let’s look at top EdTech companies in India that are providing these kinds of short-terms courses. 

Skill-Lync:  To be an engineer is one of the greatest professional achievements anyone can aspire to and to make that dream true, Skill-Lync hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide student body.  Based on expert advice from established alumni, careers counsellors and employers, Skill-Lync will teach you how to evaluate your strengths and build  your professional image. There are huge engineering materials on this platform that make a good substitute course you couldn’t understand in engineering school. Skill-Lync provides its top PG programs that take 8-12 months to complete it which becomes a perfect platform to acquire skills. 

udemy:  udemy  is one of India’s largest platforms that offers massive online courses to individuals looking to learn a variety of disciplines.  It is an appropriate online learning platform for career development, changing careers, supplemental learning and lifelong learning. Moreover, It is a cost-effective, methodised website that prepares the students end-to-end for their engineering course. This e-learning  platform is a jewel of knowledge grown to service the needs of aspiring developers as well as professional ones. Their short selling courses include 19-67 lectures.

edX:  Founded in 2012 by scientists from MIT and Harvard, edX is an American massive open online course provider. edX is another go-to option platform to upskill freshers. Their courses consist of weekly learning sequences. The courses include tutorial videos that are parallel to small on-campus discussion groups, an online textbook, and an online discussion forum where students can post and review questions and comments to each other and teaching assistants. This platform makes skilled engineers in six weeks.

FutureLearn:  FutureLearn is an online learning platform, an initiative by the Open University, in partnership with 23 leading universities, the British Council, British Museum and British Library to provide learning opportunities that let you gain new skills and knowledge. The idea behind this website is to help students find open online courses that match their interests to participate in. Using its available resources, students can accelerate their respective expertise. Short-term courses in FutureLearn lasting two-three weeks and they all are free of charge.

upGrad:  upGrad like udemy is one of the largest e-learning platforms available to engineering students looking to complement classroom studies with some professional knowledge from external educators. This very well known channel takes its reputation for providing students with quality educational resources. upGrad lessons are set-up in such a way that you learn by doing and not cramming unnecessary information into your brain. Freshers can learn new skills or upskill with upGrad in very minimal fees. Its PGDM course or a diploma completes the course in 10 months with quality education.

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