udoq First Patented Multi-Device Docking/Charging Station for All Mobile Devices Now Shipping

udoq First Patented Multi-Device Docking/Charging Station for All Mobile Devices Now Shipping
udoq First Patented Multi-Device Docking/Charging Station for All Mobile Devices Now Shipping

udoq First Patented Multi-Device Docking/Charging Station for All Mobile Devices Now Shipping

udoq www.udoq.com announced today that it is now shipping udoq, the first worldwide patented universal docking station for all mobile devices of every brand and generation. Just in time for Father’s Day and graduations, udoq is a one-size-fits-all station for charging and docking all Android, Apple, and other smartphones, tablets, music players, smartwatches, eReaders, and other devices. Created by the minimalist designers of Porsche and other brands according to German engineering standards, udoq is made of elegant sturdy high-grade aluminum built to last. It features an innovative patented processwhich allows users to quickly and neatly move and slide back and forth all the charging cables from multiple devices in one station without the mess and disorganization of tangled cables and lost devices (see the process at: http://www.thomas-pr.com/udoq/udoqanimation.html).


Connector Cables Slide Back & Forth in Any Order – Mix & Match Devices

udoq includes cables from Apple, Android, or other devices as chosen by the user, such as Lightning, Micro USB, USB-C, and 30-Pin, with an adapter for the Apple Watch. The cables snake through the back of udoq’s aluminum bar, snapping onto the patented udoq connectors which slide along the track on the bottom and can be moved into any position for optimal viewing, operating, and charging.

udoq is fully customizable to any  range of mobile devices, allowing users to mix and match Android, Apple, or other devices with a quick cable swap. All connectors can be adjusted in height to fit thick bumpers and cases. Simply open the udoq adapter to adjust your cable to the required height with the included small tool, or custom configure the dock ahead of time when ordering at https://udoq.com/configurator/ from a drop down list of devices. udoq keeps the cables tidy and hidden away, connected to its multi-port USB charger contained in the box behind the udoq which plugs into a wall outlet, or you can plug the cables directly to your computer.

All smartphones, tablets, eReaders, and music players, such as iPods, are propped vertically or horizontally (according to the location of the charger port) and stay fully accessible for use while docked and charging or syncing. The dock protects devices against slipping with a double layer of silicone strips, so you can safely store and use your devices without the fear of sliding or scratching their surfaces. All versions of udoqs can also be mounted to a wall with the rock-solid udoq wall mount set, which contains machined aluminium brackets.

Four Different Versions Available from 10 inches to Almost 2 ½ Feet:

udoq is available in four different model lengths: 250mm, 400mm, 550mm, and 700mm. The smallest size (udoq250) is around 10 inches and perfectly fits four smartphones or one iPad and one iPhone. The largest model (udoq700) at almost 2½ feet can accommodate a tablet and six smartphones — and still have room for an iPod.

udoq Models:

  • udoq250 – at about 10 inches (250mm) – fits up to 4 devices.
  • udoq400 – at about 15½ inches (400mm) – fits up to 6 devices.
  • udoq550 – at about 21½” (550mm) – fits up to 8 devices.
  • udoq700 – at about 27 ½” (700mm) – fits up to 12 devices.

   Smallest: udoq250                           Largest: udoq700

Udoq Connector Adapter              CboxS Box Hides Cables

udoq Features:

  • Elegant high-grade aluminum docking station, built for years of use.
  • Available in four different lengths.
  • Includes user-selectable cables for Lightning, Micro USB, USB-C, and 30-Pin.
  • Includes udoq’s patented slideable connectors.
  • Apple MFi certified.
  • Devices can be moved back and forth by sliding sideways.
  • Adjustable in height (up to 8mm) to fit protector cases or bumpers.
  • Includes tool for attaching cables to udoq connectors.
  • Includes silicone strips for extra protection from slippage.
  • Manual.
  • Optional Wall Mount is available to attach any udoq to the wall.
  • Udoq’s CboxS box neatly stores and hides all cables.

udoq was created from Founder Marcus Kuchler’s desire to organize the chaos resulting from  multiple devices, cables, and chargers. “I’m the father of two active kids, and of course they love their smartphones and iPads,” said Kuchler. “After struggling with our various charging and syncing routines and the chaos of it for several years, I got sick and tired of the daily search for cables, chargers, and phones. Bringing all my expertise of 25 years working as a product designer with my company, marwin, for brands like Adidas, Porsche, Rimowa, Cherry and Leica – and my 12 years of ‘internship’ as a husband and father – I invented udoq.”

Pricing & Availability

Priced from $100-$200, udoq is available immediately from https://udoq.com/shop-2/, completely customizable at: https://udoq.com/configurator/. For more information, see www.udoq.com.

About Udoq

udoq was developed, patented, and designed by Founder Marcus Kuchler. Since 1990, Kuchler’s Munich, Germany-based product design company, marwin PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, has been inventing, developing, and designing products for major brands all over the world, including Adidas, Porsche, Rimowa, Cherry, and Leica. Developed and designed according to “German engineering” standards, designer Marcus Kuchler and his 10-member team of engineers and designers worked on the development and manufacture of the udoq in Munich for three years. The minimalist design and patented technology will make udoq one of the most desired innovations in the world. For more information, see the website, http://www.udoq.com.

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