Ylands Update 1.8 – Awesome Achievements releases today


Explore larger maps, new mystery Ylands, and more!

Bohemia Interactive is announcing today the release of Ylands Update 1.8 – Awesome Achievements.

Update 1.8 offers players an exciting opportunity to explore Ylands’ vast landscape and marks an important new chapter in the game’s development. The update introduces achievements and titles, as well as larger maps, a brand new main menu, a helpful tutorial for new players, a polished multiplayer game, various quality of life changes, and the ability to enjoy exciting new adventures with your favorite animal companion.    “With update 1.8 I feel like we are getting close to the game’s original vision. I think we’re only a few updates away before we can fully realize the nearly infinite potential of Ylands,” says Bohemia Interactive CEO Marek Spanel. 

Key features of Update 1.8 include:

•      Larger maps (up to 8 x 8 kms)

•      Achievements and titles 

•      New tutorial for beginners

•      Polished multiplayer game 

•      Butterfly, Corn Bandit, and Ghost Nut pets

•      Quality of life gameplay improvements

•      Crafting improvements and fixes

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