Deck the Halls With Retro Bundles of Joy From Ziggurat Interactive


Deck the Halls With Retro Bundles of Joy From Ziggurat Interactive

The holiday season is fast approaching and Ziggurat Interactive, publisher of multiplatform retro and modern games, has some stocking stuffers for retro fans of all ages — including some awesome news about a returning fan-favorite! 

The Return of Retro First Friday™!

IT’S BACK! Retro First Friday™ makes its grand return in 2023! Each month, the team at Ziggurat will release a retro title on the first Friday and will also handpick a collection of classic titles from gaming history to make available to modern consumers. In celebration of its big come-back, the team has curated some classic Retro First Friday™ hits in one massive bundle.

The MEGA First Friday Bundle is currently available until January 31 at a whopping 75% discount and includes 47 titles! From sports, to fantasy adventure, to warfare, there’s plenty to enjoy. 

Check out the MEGA First Friday bundle here:

The MEGA First Friday Bundle Includes:

  • 4th & Inches
  • Altered Destiny
  • Battle Engine Aquila
  • Blue Max
  • Bop N Wrestle
  • Grandmaster Chess
  • Corridor 7: Alien Invasion
  • Cyclemania
  • Das Boot
  • Deadly Dozen
  • Pacific Theater
  • Dethkarz
  • Discoveries of the Deep
  • Fast Break
  • Fields of Glory
  • Gunboat
  • King’s Table: The Legend of Ragnarok
  • Last Rites
  • Legends of Murder
  • Les Manley in: Lost in LA
  • Les Manley in: Search for the King
  • Microprose Soccer
  • Murders in Space
  • PSI 5 Trading Co
  • Purple Saturn Day
  • Rescue Rover Collection
  • Return of the Phantom
  • Revelation
  • Sabre Team
  • Sands of Fire
  • ScubaVenture
  • Sea Legends
  • Search for the Titanic
  • Shadoworlds
  • Slordax: the Unknown Enemy
  • Steel Thunder
  • The Legacy
  • The Train
  • Theatre of War
  • Timequest
  • TKO
  • Wetlands
  • World Championship Boxing Manager
  • XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter
  • Zephyr
  • Zombie Dinos
  • Zyconix

Ziggurat Celebrates the Holidays With Bundles of Joy!

What better way to spend the holidays than by diving into some retro classics? Ziggurat has two bundles at deep discounts to build out your collection — the “Air, Land & Sea Bundle” and the “Intergalactic Bundle”.

Air, Land & Sea Bundle

It’s tactical warfare from above, below, and on the ground in this gaming bundle. Get behind the throttle and engage in over 35 intense missions in the first helicopter flight simulator for home computers in Super Huey III, lead an elite tank crew on the frontlines in Steel Thunder, or submerge in an accurate recreation of submarine warfare in World War II in Das Boot: German U-boat Simulation.

With 11 action-packed games at a 67% limited-time discount, you’ll find hours of history to explore!   

Check out the Air, Land & Sea Bundle here:

The “Air, Land & Sea Bundle” Includes:

  • Blue Max
  • Das Boot: German U-Boat Simulation
  • Gunboat
  • Sands of Fire
  • Steel Thunder
  • Super Chopper
  • Super Huey III
  • Super Huey I & II
  • The Train: Escape to Normandy
  • Uprising: Join or Die
  • Uprising 2: Lead and Destroy

Intergalactic Bundle

Blast off and set a course for adventure as you travel through space in the Intergalactic Bundle. Pilot an experimental mech and adjust your tactics in flight and on land in the first-person combat action game Battle Engine Aquila. Battle twisted aliens in the terrifying 1990’s sci-fi first-person shooter Corridor 7: Alien Invasion.

The fate of the earth is in your hands with 14 hard-hitting games, available at a 69% discount!

Check out the Intergalactic Bundle here:

The “Intergalactic Bundle” Includes:

  • Altered Destiny
  • Battle Engine Aquila
  • Chamber of the Sci-fi Princess
  • Corridor 7: Alien Invasion
  • Mission Critical
  • Murders in Space
  • Planet’s Edge
  • PSi5 Trading Co
  • Purple Saturn Day
  • Shadoworlds
  • Slordax: The Unknown Enemy
  • XF5700 Mantis Exp Fighter
  • Zephyr
  • Zombie Dinos

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