Funded and Coming Soon! Multimedia Creator B. Dave Walters’ Documentary “Dear America, from a Black Guy”


Funded and Coming Soon! Multimedia Creator B. Dave Walters’ Documentary “Dear America, from a Black Guy”

Great news! B. Dave Walters, creator (Dungeons & Dragons: A Darkened Wish), actor & screenwriter (Salvage Marines), and tabletop RPG livestreamer (Victor Temple on Geek & Sundry’s Vampire the Masquerade: LA by Night) has successfully funded his documentary project: Dear America, From a Black Guy. The documentary aims to help everyone find ways to improve communication about racial relations in America and work towards collaborative solutions rather than shouting “You’re wrong!” at one another.

“I’m incredibly excited to have hit my goal, and even more excited about what we’re going to do next,” said Walters. “This is a uniquely difficult time, and I’m moved that so many people rallied to help get this project across the finish line. Now, let’s go change the world!”

After having raised well over $102,000 USD, B. Dave Walters has gone into production on the film, including a weekly production journal keeping his backers up to date on what’s coming next. He says, “We are in uncharted territory with documentary filmmaking during a pandemic, but I’m looking forward to changing the industry. Next stop: Academy Award, right?” 

As Dear America, From a Black Guy heads into pre-production, the goal is to explain three things:

  • How systemic racism and inequality have built the world we live in, and how to see it for what it is in all its guises
  • Why ‘good people’ do racist things: Why your aunt feels the need to keep posting ‘All Lives Matter,’ or why your racist uncle hasn’t missed church in 20 years but condones keeping kids in cages at the southern border, and more importantly, how something called ‘moral framing’ can help you reach these types of ‘morally lost’ people.
  • The need to actually listen to each other with respect — how to engage with people you disagree with to find common ground. Without a clear, calm, and respectful way to communicate, people may hear what’s being said, but won’t truly be listening. 

“Yelling at each other isn’t working. Ignoring each other isn’t working,” said Walters. “I am creating this documentary to try and bridge the growing gap in our country so that we can remember how to talk to each other with respect. Because if we don’t, the Ship of State is going to sink with ALL of us trapped onboard.”

While the project has been funded, anyone interested can still donate and take advantage of great perks like digital production diaries and red carpet VIP access until the film is completed.

We invite you to speak with Walters about this vitally important project and share this exciting news with your readers, as the documentary promises to bring hope and understanding to Americans who are hurt and divided.

Who is B. Dave Walters?

A long-time creator and contributor to the tabletop RPG scene, B. Dave Walters is the writer of Dungeons & Dragons: A Darkened Wish for IDW Publishing and Wizards of the Coast. He also appears as Victor Temple on Vampire the Masquerade: LA by Night on Geek & Sundry, and as Chato on We’re Alive: Frontier on Project Alpha. Walters also appears as Imago in Salvage Marines and is the co-writer of episodes 7-12 of that series.

He has also hosted The Rundown web series for 20th Century Fox, and Ask Your Black Geek Friend on Project Alpha.

In addition to being writer and co-creator of the Electropunk comic series, he is a featured panelist at San Diego Comic-Con and WonderCon on the topic of Spiritual Themes in Comics and Media.

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