It’s Getting Hot in Zoo 2: Animal Park


Zoo 2: Animal Park’s summer event has begun

Renowned publisher and developer of online game upjers ( is providing some welcome refreshment for Zoo 2: Animal Park players with some summery treats!

Over 10 million players in Zoo 2: Animal Park ( can look forward to a super cool summer event.

During the event, players will be able to get lounge chairs, pool floaties, and fruit trees to create some welcome shade. Decorations will award players with “Suns” that can be traded in for an array of prizes.

The event begins today on July 7 and ends on July 21, 2020. To give players enough time to get all the rewards they want, the busy sun collectors will have until July 28, 2020, to pick up their prizes.

Prizes from the summer collection event include a nifty beach picnic, a sandcastle with a matching sand castle fence and a hammock that invites players to just hang out. As always, there’s some treasure chests to be had as well!

This year’s grand prize is the ribbon seal. At home in the Arctic and Subarctic regions, ribbon seals appreciate a nice cool climate. Hanging out in cold water is the way to go on hot summer days!

The summer event – now in Zoo 2: Animal Park!

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