Abandonware – Play the Games, Discover the Secrets Contained Within!

Abandonware is the brainchild of Fossil Games, a two-person indie team whose love of horror and true crime is bordering on the obsessive. Combining nostalgia, retro gameplay and an unsettling atmosphere as the story grows more twisted with every discovery.
Mini Games
Don’t let the retro graphics fool you, Abandonware is deeper than you can imagine. Boot up the hard drive and you’ll see a short list of games, play them and you’ll begin to notice them changing and glitching. You might even unlock new games that get creepier and creepier as the story unfolds.
A green screen mini game of a gnome in a maze with a rabbit.
The StoryAbandonware is a game that we can’t put down. The more we play the more we begin to piece together what is going on. Rather than relying on jump scares (of which there are some) it’s the long-lasting sense of unease that really makes this something different. The unlocked files can range from photos to truly worrying audio clips that sit with you long after you’ve shut down.
Perfect for Streamers
When we say this game is perfect for streamers, we absolutely mean it. Your audience will work with you to spot things you might have missed and unlock new content that will send ripples through your chat.
From the Developers…
“Abandonware is not just a game; it’s an exploration of fear, mystery, and what really scares us. We wanted to create something that defied traditional horror game conventions and truly immersed players in an unsettling and unforgettable journey. With Abandonware, we invite players to step into a world where every discovery can stop you in your tracks. We’ll be adding more and more games for players to experience and try to find the secrets within that help expand upon the secrets hidden on the found 3.5″ HDD.”
The story continues…
Fossil Games have opted to release this title into early access as more content is going to be added on a regular basis. The story hiding behind this title is complex and in-depth and we can’t wait for you to see where it goes.
Abandonware is out now in Early Access on Steam. Over the coming months more and more content will be added to tell the story further. Get the game at launch with a 25% discount too – $2.99, £2.49, 2,99€
About Fossil Games
Fossil Games are a two-person indie game team who created the successful Camp Sunshine and Sunshine Manor games.  Based in the UK and US they create games that they want to play first and foremost.
Website : https://www.fossilgames.com
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Fossil_Games

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